Black Gallery Style Framed Print


True Gallery-Like Excellence

  • Comes with a polished acrylic glass cover
  • Beautiful frame for a gallery-like appearance
  • solid frame wood Frame
  • All images are put into each frame and Ready To be Hung on your wall
Size (Frame)

8 x 6 inches (Mount Holds 6×4 inches Print), 10 x 8 inches (Mount Holds 8×6 inches Print), 12 x 10 inches (Mount Holds 10×8 inches Print), 11 x 14 inches (Mount Holds 10×8 inches Print), 16 x 12 inches (Mount Holds A4 Print), 18 x 12 inches (Mount Holds 12×8 inches Print), 20 x 16 inches (Mount Holds 11×14 inches Print)

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Use your favourite photos to
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